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Gregory M. Richards, MD

Cancer Care: Radiation Oncology


America Board of Radiology with added certification in Radiation Oncology

Medical School:

New Jersey Medical School, Newark


Radiation Oncology: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Additional areas of special interest include:

  • Breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, and central nervous system tumors
  • The role of radiation therapy in palliative care, with the goal of maximizing these patients’ quality of life and the time they can spend doing the things that are important to them

More information:

Dr. Richards trained at the University of Wisconsin and was subsequently a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin. He was then a clinical radiation oncologist in the MD Anderson Cancer Center system.

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VIDEO: Gregory Richards, MD – Radiation Oncologist

"As a radiation oncologist, I take care of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. This is an incredibly troubling time in their life, filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown. When I first meet my patients, we spend as much time as they need, discussing their history and potential treatment options, focusing on the role of radiation therapy as it applies to their personal situation. We discuss in detail what therapeutic radiation is, how we administer it, our expected treatment outcomes, and how we minimize and treat potential side effects. My goal is to eliminate the initial unknowns they arrived with, in turn reducing their anxiety and fear. Upon leaving my office after that first visit, I want them to have a deeper understanding of how we plan on managing their disease and to know that we, as a team, are committed to taking care of them."