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Patient Testimonials – Eye Care


“This has become a life-changing event for me. The procedure was painless and the staff and doctor were professional, comforting, and reassuring. My choice became clear when I carefully examined their education, experience, and successes. I’m glad I chose Mercyhealth and would recommend them to anyone who is considering LASIK surgery.”

Ken Scott – WJVL Radio Personality

“I can see! After years of bottle-bottom thick glasses, my vision is fantastic with the skill of the Mercyhealth Eye Center and their LASIK surgery procedure. I can’t thank them enough and would recommend this to anyone who is eligible.”


“I must admit that as an older myopia sufferer (age 55), I was more than a little skeptical that LASIK surgery would work for me. However, I now have a whole new outlook on life thanks to the Mercyhealth Eye Center team. The procedure took about 15 minutes. It was very well orchestrated, fast, precise and painless. I wholeheartedly endorse this group if you are considering laser vision correction.”


“As someone required to wear glasses for over 32 years, I had more or less given up on hassle-free vision in my life. My experience with the LASIK procedure at Mercyhealth has changed all that forever. The precision, care, and professionalism reassured me throughout the procedure that I had made the right decision and could expect an excellent outcome. I now enjoy 20/20 vision and take pleasure in being glasses-free for the first time since my 14th birthday. Painless and fast, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this procedure to anyone who wants a permanent fix to vision problems. Thank you Mercyhealth!”


“I was very eager for LASIK surgery to be done but anxious about possible problems. The friendliness and professionalism helped ease my concerns. I chose the monovision procedure and only 20 hours after surgery I could see 20/20! I love seeing distance and close-up well without glasses or contacts. Monovision is perfect for me. Thanks again for such a wonderful way to see.”