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Orthopedic Surgery – Mercyhealth orthopedic surgeons offer a range of treatments for musculoskeletal concerns. Conservative medical management includes physical therapy, orthopedic devices, injection therapies and more. Surgical options include minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, reconstruction surgery, joint revisions and replacements, fracture repair and bone grafting. Our surgeons use advanced procedures, like direct anterior total hip replacement, for a faster return to a patient’s normal activities. Our orthopedic trauma surgeons are highly trained to address significant and severe musculoskeletal injuries caused by all types of trauma.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine – This combination of orthopedics and sports medicine focuses on addressing the unique musculoskeletal injuries and disorders of athletes of all levels. Orthopedic sports medicine physicians work to assess, preserve and restore functionality.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Physical medicine and rehabilitation is often referred to as physiatry. Physiatrist physicians emphasize the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders, particularly those of the neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems, which may produce temporary or permanent impairment. Physiatry’s area of expertise is the functioning of the whole patient, as compared to a focus on an organ system or systems.

Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation – Sometimes a disease or injury can hinder your hands’ ability to work the way you want them to. Mercyhealth’s orthopedic specialists address the delicate and vital structures of the hand, wrist or fingers. Our experienced hand surgeons and occupational therapists deliver comprehensive care for a full range of hand problems, from single isolated tendon injuries to complex reconstruction.

Orthotics and Prosthetics – Mercyhealth’s orthotists and prosthetists specialize in helping patients with spine and limb conditions live life to the fullest. Our orthotists make and fit braces and splints (orthoses) for patients who need added support for body parts that have been weakened by injury, disease, or disorders of the nerves, muscles, or bones. Our prosthetists make and fit artificial limbs (prostheses) for patients with disabilities. This includes artificial legs and arms for patients who have had amputations due to conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or injury.

Adult Trauma – Accidents happen, and you should know which hospitals in your area offer the best chance for a successful recovery from broken bones and head trauma. Mercyhealth is on call 24 hours a day for car accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries and any other accident that breaks, dislocates, or sprains joints, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Pediatric Orthopedics Children’s growing bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves require a special skill-set to treat in the event of an accident, birth defect or illness. Parents can do their part by monitoring their child’s athletic activities and making sure they have the proper equipment to keep their bones and joints safe but sometime you may need the help of pediatric specialists. Not only does Mercyhealth treat the bumps and scrapes of everyday play, we help children overcome orthopedic problems that stem from birth or health issues. Offering a range of treatments from conservative to more invasive, we treat your child as you would—with gentleness and understanding—when circumstances cause them to need an orthopedic specialist. Our multi-disciplinary Pediatric Special Needs Clinic in Rockford offers services for our patients all in one location, at one visit. The clinic cares for patients from birth to 18 years of age and manages older patients with childhood diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, chromosomal diagnoses, developmental/motor delays, bracing, gait disturbances, NICU graduates, and patients with chronic illnesses that affect motor function.

One day per month, these pediatric specialists are available for consult:

• Orthopedic surgery
• Rehabilitation medicine
• Neurology
• Orthotics
• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Social services
• Social support groups
• Representatives from University of Illinois Chicago Specialized Care for Children
• Coordination with Rockford Spine Center

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