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Mercyhealth REACT: Training Programs

Mercyhealth REACT is committed to promoting and advancing prehospital, emergency, and critical care through education.  We support our EMS, fire, law enforcement, and hospital partners by providing educational programs for all organizations in our service area.

Medical Educational Offerings

Education can be tailored to the ALS and BLS levels.  Educational offerings include:

  • REACT: Right resource, right patient, right time
  • Cardiac and 12 Lead
  • Oxygenation vs. Ventilation
  • Penetrating Trauma
  • Preparing Your Patient for Air Medical Transport

Outreach education requests should be made a minimum of 45 days in advance if CEUs are requested.  Organizations are asked to provide the venue and help gather participants.

Landing Zone Training Class

Safety for all is our number one priority. That includes securing a safe landing zone (LZ) for our helicopters. As part of that commitment, we provide landing zone set-up and scene safety training for prehospital and hospital professionals.

Our interactive training class includes lecture and time with the aircraft. Students learn:

  • How to request a helicopter
  • Landing zone set-up
  • Night landing zone specifics
  • What do to when the helicopter is overhead
  • Important safety tips

To request a training course

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