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Mercyhealth Association of Volunteers Board Members

Mercyhealth Association of Volunteers 2019 Board Members

President, Judy Jaggard
Secretary, Linda Bigelow
Treasurer, William Anacker
Pres. Elect, Sue Kumlien
Past Pres./Events, Arlene Knudson
Castaways Chair, Sherry Dux
Escort Chair, Bruce Riley
Fundraising Chair, Joann Woodman Hodge
Gift Shop Co-Chair, Elaine Lawrence
Gift Shop Co-Chair, Diana Pearse
Health Ed/Scholarships Chair, Sue Kumlien
Hospice Chair, Suzanne Moore
Hospitality Cart Chair, Linda Olander
Hospitality House Chair, Jean Lademann
Hours/Awards Chair, Sandi Ploszaj
House of Mercy Chair, Alexx Salazar
Legislation/Public Policy Chair, Vacant
Meals On Wheels Chair, Jim Wierzba
Membership Chair, Sue Borman
Mentoring Chair, Sherry Dux
Newsletter Chair, Judy Jaggard
Oncology Chair, Sharon Henning
Public Relations, Linda Bigelow
Reception, Arlene Knudson
Safe Connect Chair, Becky Esselman
Walworth Rep., Carol Gilhooley
Walworth Rep., Linda Vavra

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