Mercyhealth Richmond

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9715 Prairie Ridge
Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4528


Dr. Albright:
(815) 678-4528

9 am – 5 pm

9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday by appointment

9 am – 5 pm

9 am – 2 pm

Saturday by appointment

Dr. Hassan:
(815) 344-4499

Alternating Tuesdays
8 am – 4 pm

8 am – noon or 8 am – 4 pm

8 am – 4 pm

Saturday by appointment

Location Overview

At Mercyhealth Richmond, passion drives everything we do to deliver medical excellence with a compassionate touch to everyone who walks through our doors. Passion inspires our doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff to do whatever it takes to make you feel better and keep you well. Nothing is ever too small or taken for granted. Everything matters. Every little thing.

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