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Location Overview

Helping you heal toward wholeness

At the Mercyhealth Care Center, our compassionate, 24-hour rehabilitation staff focuses on easing our patients’ transition from the hospital to the comfort of their home or other living arrangement. We do that through our effective short-term rehabilitation programs. In fact, our rehabilitation success rates approach 100%. Mercyhealth Care Center is Medicare certified.

Mercyhealth Care Center is designed and staffed to provide an independent, home-like environment where residents can live with dignity.

A caring team of compassionate professionals works around-the-clock to meet each resident’s medical and personal care needs as prescribed by the resident’s physician. Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants provide hands-on care. A full-time registered dietitian ensures individual dietary requirements are met. On-site occupational, speech, and physical therapists provide specialized programs to help residents maintain their greatest possible level of independence.

Mercyhealth Care Center received an overall five-star quality rating from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Mercyhealth Care Center has been an overall five-star, top performing nursing home by CMS for the last five years.

Admission to the Mercyhealth Care Center requires a physician referral. To learn more about our criteria for admission, talk to your doctor or call us at (815) 943-2962. To refer a patient, call (815) 943-2497.

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