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Inpatient Rehabilitation: Our Team

Recovering from a debilitating illness, injury or surgery can require a team approach from many different disciplines. Your plan of care might include professionals from all or some of the following medical specialties.

Physicians specializing in rehabilitation

These doctors provide a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, needs and challenges, and then design and direct your treatment plan.

Rehabilitation nurses

Rehabilitation nurses provide 24-hour care and reinforce new skills learned in therapy. They address issues such as nutrition, skin care, medical management, and bowel and bladder function, all with an emphasis on education.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists help you regain independence in activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, and cooking through muscle retraining, range-of-motion exercises, splinting, and other therapies.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists help maximize your functional mobility, such as moving yourself from your bed to a chair to the restroom. They work with you to increase the strength and range of motion in your legs.

Speech and language pathologists

Speech and language pathologists work with you to address any communication (speaking, reading, writing, comprehending) and eating and swallowing challenges.

Patient navigators

These individuals help plan services, including continuing therapy, you’ll need after discharge from the inpatient rehabilitation.


Neuropsychologists evaluate you for thinking difficulties that might pose a barrier to independence and help you develop strategies to compensate for these problems. They also teach you to cope with emotional reactions to rehabilitation.

Many professionals to consult

Other Mercyhealth health care professionals are here to consult as needed. These include orthotists, prosthetists, podiatrists, optometrists, dietitians, and others.


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