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Inpatient Rehabilitation: Advanced Technology

Rehabilitation equipment you can trust


LiteGait is a battery-operated suspension system that helps control your posture, balance, and weight-bearing load during therapy sessions. LiteGait allows your therapist to move you from a seated position to a proper upright posture. It frees the therapist to observe your gait patterns and make manual adjustments in limb placement, weight shift, walking symmetry, and gait timing.

LiteGait assures that proper upright posture is maintained throughout your therapy session. It facilitates changes in posture, balance, specific muscular strength, and overall gait patterns. LiteGait can be used over ground or with a treadmill.

BioNESS H200™

This prosthesis fits over your hand and forearm to help you regain hand control, including grasping, when you recover from a stroke. Electrodes stimulate your hand and wrist muscles. The H200 is appropriate for new or years-old injuries.

BioNESS L300™

This advanced foot drop system uses mild stimuli to lift your foot to help you walk more safely and easily. The L300 makes it easier for you to walk on flat ground, up and down stairs, and on uneven surfaces.

This lightweight device fits just below your knee and can be put on and taken off with one hand. Using the L300 can help eliminate the need to wear a rigid, heavy orthotic.


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