Industrial Rehabilitation Services: On-site job assessments

Functional job analysis

We evaluate essential and marginal job functions under one job title in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

Alternative job placement

We assess the description of a job’s tasks. This helps us look for alternative job placement and matching when an existing employee’s functional capabilities do not meet current job demands. Other uses of job analysis include job re-structuring, such as job sharing, pod development, or rotating job tasks.

Ergonomic screening

We identify high-risk areas for upper extremity and/or back musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

In-depth ergonomic evaluation

This detailed analysis of high-risk areas identified in the ergonomic survey looks for possible risk factors for MSDs.

Ergonomic modifications

We recommend ways to modify tools, job stations, and work behaviors. This can be low cost or no cost by using existing staff and equipment.


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