Industrial Rehabilitation: On-site medical management

Preventive stretching exercise program

Stretching counteracts the effects of many physical job demands. Job-specific exercises interrupt repetitive motion, or awkward or static posture, with a brief movement in the opposite direction.

Early intervention

We use one-on-one evaluation to identify workers with musculoskeletal symptoms. Early intervention is consistent with OSHA’s proposed ergonomic standard and may include supports, ice, heat, exercises, job modifications, and safe work practices.

Train the trainer

We identify and train key people within an organization to form an ergonomics team. We also help supervisors identify ergonomic risks and offer strategies for remediation. This program—an investment in the future safety of the organization—identifies, and controls MSDs as they arise.

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance assistance

This involves provision of practical recommendations for reasonable accommodations and facility accessibility as required by the ADA for covered persons.


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