How We Care

Quality: Excellence in Patient Care

The Quality pillar uses national and state benchmarks to measure quality clinical care. Every Mercy partner is committed to exceeding patient expectations by making quality a top priority. Ongoing efforts include continuous improvements, such as expanding Mercy Hospital’s central laboratory and ambulatory surgery center, creating patient-centered surgical offices near our three hospitals, and renovating Mercy Hospital Janesville’s birthing center and Mercy Regional Cancer Center for comfort-focused care. An empowered workforce of problem-solving teams, the latest medical technology and the creation of over 50 centers of excellence also contribute to the quality of patient care throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Service: Exceptional Patient and Customer Service

The Service pillar focuses on fostering a sense of responsibility and caring attitudes toward patients to enhance the health of the communities we serve. Through continuous benchmarking and tracking of quality indicators, Mercy Health System understands the importance of having processes in place that are consistent throughout the organization and ensure excellence in patient care to achieve our mission of healing in the broadest sense. The process of putting patients first and doing everything in each partner’s power to better serve patients also extends to the communities Mercy serves as well.

Partnering: Best Place to Work

The Partnering pillar focuses on fostering a supportive, entrepreneurial spirit in each of our partners on all levels of the organization. Mercy considers all employees “partners.” Under this pillar, the Culture of Excellence program empowers our partners to take action and freely make suggestions. Mercy appreciates the valuable contributions of all partners and recognizes the importance of providing them with opportunities and support. Our organization prides itself on creating a work environment that also provides benefits, development, and training to all partners.

Cost: Long-Term Financial Success

The Cost pillar engages Mercy partners to identify innovative ideas for growing system-wide revenue, decreasing expenses and waste, increasing productivity, maximizing economies of scale, and continuously implementing suggestions for increased effectiveness. Mercy Health System is one of a handful of systems in the United States that successfully implemented an employed physician integration model. Mercy partners share responsibilities to ensure the organization remains viable and cost-effective to guarantee the organization’s long-term financial success.