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How to make a healthy start to your day: Don’t skip breakfast

Part 2: Let your New Year’s resolutions last the whole year

Written by Mariya Pogorelova, MD, board certified internal medicine doctor and director of the Mercy Healthy Image Weight Management Program.

Some people skip breakfast in the morning, substituting it with only a cup of coffee. Plus, they might eat lunch “on the go” at different times during the day or skip lunch altogether.

This lack of structure can lead to constant snacking on sugar-loaded foods during the day, and ultimately, a heavy dinner in the evening.

I always recommend eating a healthy breakfast to start your metabolism for the day. Try to include berries, nuts, cheese, toast and yogurt in your breakfast.

Throughout the day, snack on healthier natural foods such as carrots, vegetables, string cheese, apples, nuts, etc.

Be patient. Developing good habits takes time, but definitely pays off. In future related blogs, I’ll talk more specifically about calories and exercise.

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