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Basic Oral Care

Rerun imageBrush your teeth—it's good for your heart
Mom's constant reminders to brush your teeth may be helping your heart. Good oral hygiene aids in preventing plaque build-up that characterizes both cardiac and gum diseases. Read more here.

Oral Care for Adults

Keep your teeth and keep on smiling
Rerun image True or false? You'll ultimately lose some or all of your teeth, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Caring for your dentures: maintaining your “removable pearly whites”
As is the case with natural teeth, brushing your dentures and gums at least once a day removes food particles and plaque, which maintains good oral health. Learn more here.

Oral Surgery

If you are considering oral surgery to improve your smile or correct a problem with your teeth, you can learn more here:

Your Kid's Teeth

Healthy snacks to prevent tooth decay in kids
But can snacking promote tooth decay? Which foods are teeth-friendly and which ones should you avoid the next time your child craves a little snack?
A healthy mouth for baby
While baby’s first tooth is a milestone to remember, now is the time to think about how you will help your baby have a healthy mouth.

Special Topics (Continued)

Breaking your child's thumbsucking habit
Thumbsucking in preschool children is a very normal response to anxiety and stress and does not point to insecurity or emotional problems in your child. While thumbsucking is normal for infants and toddlers, this behavior should decrease by ages 3-4 and stop by age five. Unfortunately, many youngsters are slow to break the habit.
IMAGETake a bite out of tooth decay
As hard as it may be for parents and grandparents to believe, a child's visit to the dentist is now an easy and even entertaining experience! The major reason for this turnabout is that tooth decay, formerly the most common of human diseases, is fast becoming a thing of the past. Read more here.


Natural and Alternative Treatments (By Condition)

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