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Reducing Your Risk of Headache

Knowing what triggers headaches can help to lower the risk of them happening. Some common triggers are:
Some Foods and Drinks
Some foods and drinks can trigger headaches. They may need to be avoided.
Do not miss meals or fast. This can also trigger headaches.
Alcohol and Smoking
Even a small amount of alcohol can lead to headaches. It can also cause swelling of nasal and sinus tissues. This can lead to sinus headaches.
Smoking can also worsen headaches. Second-hand smoke and pollution should also be avoided.
Lack of Sleep
Staying on a sleep schedule will help you get better sleep. It helps ease tension.
Sleeping and waking at the same times may help prevent headaches.
Allergic reactions raise the amount of mucus in and swelling of the nasal passages. This can lead to sinus headaches.


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