Gazette: Our Views: Where are we, Florida?

Geez, you’d think we all lived in Florida, complaining about the cold like a bunch of Floridians.

Years ago, Wisconsinites called this kind of weather a cold snap. Nowadays, forecasters use an ominous-sounding term, the “polar vortex,” and talk about the arctic air’s movement like it’s a supervillain.

We don’t dare poke our heads out the door when it’s this cold, or else. “Quite honestly, just don’t go outside unless you have to,” Dr. Jay MacNeal, director of emergency medicine at Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center, told The Gazette for Tuesday’s aptly titled story, “Killer cold.”

But in Alaska, they laugh about us in the lower 48. Gazette reporter Catherine Idzerda reached out to a reporter at the Fairbanks News-Miner, Dorothy Chomicz, to get some tips for handling the cold. “We’ve got dog mushers racing through the snow in the wilderness at 45 degrees below zero, and their eyeballs aren’t freezing,” Chomicz said.

Of course, we at The Gazette recognize the importance of taking precautions before heading outside. This also isn’t the week to do the polar plunge. But it was entirely possible to go outside Wednesday and live to tell about it. We saw some of these “crazy” people. And from all appearances, they didn’t come near death because they knew how to dress for the weather.

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