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FAQs: Mercyhealth Weight Management Program

What is the Mercyhealth Weight Management Program?

This comprehensive wellness management program is customized to the needs and interests of each participant. Not only do we help participants lose weight and gain health, but we also show them how to do it permanently.

Our team consists of a registered dietitian (to help you eat right), an exercise physiologist (acting as your personal trainer with medical training), a clinical psychologist (to motivate and support you in your journey), and board certified doctors—all working together to help you achieve you personal goals.

We have been helping people feel better and look better for over 10 years.

Who takes part in the program?

  • We work with everyone—men, women, teens, entire families—wishing to lose weight and keep it off permanently.
  • Many of our participants have pre-existing health conditions or are at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  • Some have already tried other weight loss programs or tried to follow popular diets. They may have lost some weight, but then gained it all back.

Why do women struggle with weight and self-image?

  • Many factors contribute to the weight gain: food choices, portion sizes, an inconsistent exercise routine, stress and emotional eating.
  • Lots of women start noticing weight gains after significant life changes such as going to college, starting a new job, starting a family, or hormonal changes related to the menopause. These things can play a significant role in weight gain.
  • Lack of time for regular exercise and unplanned meals significantly contribute to weight gain over time. This tends to negatively affect self-image and sense of well-being.

What makes Mercyhealth’s program unique?

  • We partner with our program participants to develop individualized and realistic nutritional and exercise plans. We know that diets alone do not work. That’s why we focus on helping participants change their lifestyles so their weight loss progress become permanent.
  • We help participants understand the root causes of their weight gain. Then we help them start exercising regularly and develop good eating habits. This works especially well when entire families participate in the program—family members motivate each other to stay focused and enthusiastic.
  • Finally, we teach our participants how to live life differently with a focus on all aspects of good health, not just losing weight. We provide the tools for lifelong success!

How do I know if the program is right for me?

In short, if you have an existing weight-related medical condition or want to feel better about yourself, become more energetic and physically fit, then our program is right for you!

If you tried to lose weight before, made progress, but now feel like you are back where you started, we can help you get where you want to be and stay there!

I’d like to learn more. Do you offer information seminars?

Yes! We hold FREE information seminars several times each month in Janesville and Lake Geneva. To register, call (608) 755-7996 or visit https://mercyhealthsystem.org/weightmanagement.

Written by:

Mariya O. Pogorelova, MD
Internal Medicine
Mercyhealth Mall Clinic
1010 N. Washington St., Janesville, WI 53548
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