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EAP: Management Resources

The Mercyhealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is part of Mercyhealth. It provides life-enhancing programs and supportive, state-of-the-art health care to employees of contracted employer groups in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

EAP is custom-designed for your workplace and may include any or all of the following features:

Employee assessment and referral

A specially trained clinician will provide assessments for your employees, and their household members, as requested through confidential self-referrals and/or supervisory referrals.

The EA professional will determine what services might best address the needs of your employees and/or their household members and make the appropriate recommendations and necessary referrals if additional services are warranted.

Once your EAP is in place, access to our services is easy. When one of your employees needs a referral for assistance, he or she visits our specially trained staff at one of our many locations in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our EA professionals will assess each client’s needs, and provide recommendations and/or referrals to local community resources appropriate to their needs.

Management consultation

A Mercyhealth EA professional will be available to your management and supervisory staff, either formally or informally, to address their concerns about a particular employee or workplace issue. The consultation could include brief phone discussions on handling difficult situations, formal involvement in disciplinary meetings, or team-building with groups of employees.

Wellness education programs

Mercyhealth EAP team members are available to present on-site seminars for your employees on topics of  interest to most organizations such as stress- and change-management, personal resiliency, positive communications, improving team dynamics, coaching for performance improvement, and other topics as requested. Seminar evaluations offer opportunities for staff feedback and continued development.

Crisis debriefing

Timely debriefing is crucial to company morale after a traumatic incident. At a time of department-wide or company-wide trauma, our Mercyhealth EAP team is available to counsel and assist the organization in its efforts to help employees process and adapt after the critical incident.

Employee benefit program promotion

Effective promotion by the Mercyhealth EAP lets your employees know about their new employee benefit and how to use it. Promotional efforts are developed with your organization’s input and may include informational meetings, supervisory training, brochures, cards, posters, and other related materials.


Tools developed by the Mercyhealth EAP can help evaluate your employees’ utilization of the EAP, the efficacy of our services, and the perception of the EAP’s value by your employees.


Timely, periodic reports summarizing utilization and evaluation results are provided to your organization’s assigned representative.

To learn more about the Mercyhealth EAP, call (608) 756-4681 or toll-free (855) 612-4357.