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About the Janesville, WI area

Named after Henry Janes who travelled to the area in 1836 after the Black Hawk War, Janesville is known for its abundance of parks and recreational areas. Janesville’s history is very important to its residents, and is often commemorated through festivals and events. There are several antique houses and buildings, which are treated with great appreciation and respect. In fact, 2,448 buildings of theirs are listed on the National Register of Historic places. Tallman House, a private residence located in Janesville, was a house in which Abraham Lincoln slept.


Janesville’s award winning botanical garden is very popular for residents and visitors, as well as golf courses, parkland, bike trails, and sports fields. They are also known for their tranquil trails that go on for miles and miles.

Janesville has a lot to offer, including 13 historic districts, over 50 pieces of public art, shopping, dining, lodging, and entertainment such as live theatre or ski shows. Their bike trails consist of over 25 miles of trails, and they have 2,600 acres of parkland full of peacefulness and adventure.