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Autism: Setting Summer Routines

No more school, lots of free time, and plenty of fun!

Everyone loves summer. But it can be a stressful time for some children—especially children on the autism spectrum. It isn’t that they don’t love summer routines as much as the next child, but there are stressors that accompany those long summer days.

The most important stressor is the lack of routine. It can be scary not knowing what is going to happen in your day. But this isn’t the end to summer fun. To ease the anxiety about what is going to happen every day, set up a simple visual or written schedule. You can do it in the morning or the night before.

By creating a simple daytime schedule, you show your child what is going to happen. This allows your child an element of control in the crazy summertime world.

Click here for a great site for creating daily schedules, then click on the visual engine tab and follow through the steps.

Summer should be fun for everyone. With a little planning, everyone can have a stress-free, easy breezy summer.

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