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Autism: Resources

Birth to 3

The Birth to 3 program helps provide services for children with disabilities in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Family Respite Care Services, Inc for Rock County

Family Respite Care Services, Inc for Rock County was established in 1998. In Rock County and throughout the state, families are faced with long waiting lists for ongoing support and for their respite needs. Family Respite Care Services takes a needs-based approach, helping families customize respite care to meet their individual needs. It was founded to provide services to parents and caregivers who care for individuals with disabilities and other special needs, individuals with chronic or terminal illnesses, and individuals at risk of abuse or neglect.

Autism Society of Wisconsin

The Autism Society of Wisconsin offers resources, education, and support to families. For more information, call (888) 4AU-TISM.

Social Narratives

Social narratives are an evidence-based strategy used to teach a variety of skills.  Some examples include: brushing teeth, inviting friends to play, going on an airplane, or going to the hospital for an appointment.  Using a story, expectations can be clearly outlined.  Stories can be quick and simple, or more complex with pictures; it really depends on how the individual will best learn the needed skills.  Here is a story about a visit to Mercyhealth hospital for a procedure.  Click here for an example of a social narrative. For help creating individualized stories, contact Mercyhealth Behavioral Health Autism Program.

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